Mei Lanfang and Peking Opera Language English Keep on learn as long as you live knowledge is priceless and no border 232 in Books from Office School Supplies

Mei Lanfang and Peking Opera Language English Keep on learn as long as you live knowledge is priceless and no border 232 in Books from Office School Supplies

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Peking Opera, known as Jing Ju (Capital Opera), has a history of more than 200 years. Because of its patronage by the ruling Qing,or Manchu, dynasty, Peking Opera grew from a local folk art .to the standard bearer of theatrical art. It attained the prominent status of Guo Ju or National Opera of China.
After the Qing Dynasty was overthrown in 1911, Peking Opera continued to gain popularity not only with the upper classes but also with students and intellectuals. By the 1920s, it had developed into a splendid art form and a popular means-of entertainment as well. In the capital alone, numerous theaters were established solely for op- era performances,and there were at least, three academies for training young performers and several pr0fess!onal opera troupes that performed every week.
Chapter One 
An Introduction to Peking Opera 
Historical Perspectives 
Features / Characteristics
Chpater Two
The King of Peking Opera 
Family Background 
Early Training 
Contributions to Peking Opera 
Chpater Three
Self-Reflection and
International Appreciation
International Appreciation
Chpater Four
A Guide to Understanding
Peking Opera
Stage and Properties
Opera Roles and Their Special Costumes
Movements, Gestures and Pantomime
Instruments and Voices
Chpater Five
Representative Peking Opera Works
Yuzhou Feng
(A Sword Named Cosmos)
Gui Fei Zui Jiu
(The Precious Consort Gets Drunk)
Qi Shuang Hui
(A Strange Double Reunion)
Luo Shen
(The Goddess of the Luo River)
Mu Guiying Gua Shuai
(Mu Guiying Assumes Command)
Da Yu Sha Jia
(The Fisherman's Rage)
Qun Ying Hui
(The Gathering of Heroes)
Jiang Xiang He
(The General and the Prime Minister Reconciled) 
Chi Sang Zhen
(Red Mulberry Township) 
Shi Yu Zhuo
(Picking up the Jade Bracelet) 
A Glossary of Opera Terms
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